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You might need to be immunised against a number of the most severe diseases in the world if you plan to travel outside the United Kingdom. Typhoid, hepatitis A and yellow fever are all preventable conditions that can be protected against by vaccinations. Keep reading to learn more about the vaccinations offered at a travel clinic in Kirkham.

How far in advance of travel do I need to go to a travel clinic?

The normal NHS vaccination schedule protects you from a number of illnesses in the UK. However, it does not shield you from all infectious diseases that are common abroad.

Consult your pharmacist at least 8 weeks before your travel, if at all possible. Some vaccinations must be administered in advance so that your body can build immunity. Additionally, some vaccinations need many doses spread out over a period of weeks or months.

Some activities may put you at a higher risk, for instance, if you’re:

– Camping or staying in hostels
– Backpacking
– Travelling through remote areas
– Going on a long trip rather than taking a package holiday

You can be more prone to infection or issues from a travel-related illness if you have a medical condition.

travel clinic in Kirkham

How do I know which vaccinations I should get at a travel clinic in Kirkham?

These websites can inform you of the vaccinations that are necessary or recommended for the locations you’ll be visiting:

Travel Health Pro
NHS Fit for Travel

Prior to entering or departing the country, an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) must be filled out. It is then submitted to certain countries as proof of vaccination (for example, against yellow fever or polio).

Travellers to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages must show proof of vaccination against specific meningitis strains. It’s best to maintain track of the immunisations you’ve received even when an ICVP is not required.

Can I get travel vaccines at a pharmacy?

To start with, check to see if your existing UK vaccinations are up-to-date by calling or visiting your pharmacist, doctor, or practice nurse.

Tell the pharmacist about your prior vaccinations if you have any records. As not all pharmacies are authorised to offer free travel vaccinations through the NHS, you should also find out if they are.

If the NHS does not provide travel vaccinations at your pharmacy or doctor’s office, you can try a:

– Travel vaccination clinic (private)
– A pharmacy that offers travel health services

You might be able to get general travel vaccinations and health advice from the pharmacy or GP, such as how to prevent malaria. They can give you further doses of your UK immunisations if you need them.

Even if they are recommended for a specific location, not all travel vaccinations are accessible for free through the NHS. You can acquire free travel vaccinations from the NHS if your pharmacy or GP office is registered to do so.

You might be charged for non-NHS travel vaccines by your pharmacist or doctor. Request the following if your GP can give you the necessary travel immunisations, but the NHS does not offer them:

– Written information on the essential vaccines
– The cost of each dosage or course
– Any other charges you may be needed to pay, for example, for any vaccination certificates


How long are travel vaccines effective?

The duration of immunity for travel vaccinations differs depending on the vaccine. Some travel vaccines have a ten-year or greater lifespan, including those for diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, polio, and tetanus. The effectiveness of the yellow fever vaccine is anticipated to last a lifetime.

Which travel vaccines are free at the travel clinic?

The following travel vaccines are obtainable on the NHS for free if your pharmacy or GP practice is registered to offer immunisation services.

Polio (given as diphtheria, tetanus, and polio vaccine)
– Typhoid
– Hepatitis A
– Cholera

These vaccinations are provided without charge because they guard against diseases that, if imported, would seriously endanger the health of the general public.

Other things to consider before visiting a travel clinic 

There are a few things to consider when it comes to travel vaccinations:

– Your age and general health may make you more vulnerable to illnesses than other people. Therefore, some vaccines are not advised for people with certain medical conditions.
– Working as an aid worker could expose you to additional diseases, whether it’s in a refugee camp or after a natural disaster.
– Working in a medical facility – A nurse, doctor or other healthcare professional may need additional vaccines.
– Animal contact – You could be more vulnerable to diseases like rabies that are spread by animals.

travel clinic in Kirkham

Do I need the Covid vaccine to travel?

Before entering some countries, you must provide documentation of your immunisation status. There are COVID-19 regulations in other nations as well. Check the “Entry requirements” section of the overseas travel advice for each country you plan to visit or pass through before you depart.

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