24 hour prescription collection Kirkham

In recent years, the needs of patients and the pharmacy sector have gradually evolved. Pharmaself24, an advanced and autonomous dispensing system, answers requests from both patients and pharmacists. Any medication can now be processed during the day or at night. Prescriptions are taken every day of the week, including weekends and public holidays. This will help you avoid standing in line and save a lot of time. How can I get 24-hour prescription collection in Kirkham? Keep reading to find out.

This service is effective in terms of convenience and time. Even after business hours, you can still pick up your meds whenever it’s convenient for you.

How to order a repeat prescription from a 24-hour prescriptions

If you consistently take your medication, you will often need a repeat prescription. As a result, you can order your prescription whenever you need it and won’t need to see a doctor until your following medication review.

You might be able to request your pharmacy for your medication if your GP has set this up (repeat dispensing). If not, you will need to regularly order your meds from your doctor’s office.

Can you order a repeat prescription without going to the doctor?

If you have a repeat prescription, you can get your medicine at the pharmacy without first visiting the doctor. Prescription medications, however, must first be approved by a doctor in order to be taken.

24 hour prescription collection Kirkham

EPS Nominations in a 24-hour chemist near me in Kirkham

Most prescriptions are now handled, sent, and signed electronically. The following two options describe how this works.

– You can have the pharmacy or dispenser of your choosing fill all of your prescriptions. A prescription will be electronically emailed to the designated dispenser whenever you get one. You can pick up your medicines or appliances without submitting a documented prescription.
– You have the option to select the pharmacy where your prescriptions will be filled each time one is issued to you. When your request is approved, you will receive a printed copy of your prescription that you can use at any pharmacy or other dispenser in England.

It will be necessary to scan a unique barcode on the paper copy in order to access your prescription from the private NHS database.

Choosing a pharmacy to fill your prescriptions can save you time by avoiding unnecessary trips to your GP.

The process for ordering repeat prescriptions will remain the same, but they will be sent electronically to the pharmacy or dispenser of your choosing.

How do I access the 24-hour prescription collection service?

To use our repeat prescription collection service, you must first register with us. Here, you will enter your patient information, such as the name of your doctor and the current repeat prescriptions you are taking. You’ll also need to grant us access to your bank account information so that we can swiftly take payments for your prescriptions, but only if you pay for them ordinarily. You can easily register with us for this service online in a matter of seconds.

Customers who have opted to use the computerised process can pick up their prescriptions at pharmacies that have automated collection stations. The equipment is typically placed outside the pharmacy for convenience.

The patient may look for a suitable time to pick up the medications even after the pharmacy has closed.

To choose this service, just follow these five simple steps:

1. Register with us by Signing Up.
2. Choose the 24-hour prescription collection service.
3. When your prescription is ready, our staff will send you a notification.
4. The notification you receive will include a private PIN code.
5. Use the Pharmaself24 touchscreen to log in with your information and select your medications.


Why should I choose 24-hour prescription collection?

Improved patient care 

Pharmacists can spend more time with their patients because they will not be occupied with writing prescriptions. They will therefore provide better care as a result of the automated EPS service.

Medicines are readily available to patients

Using electronic prescription services is quite easy. When picking up your medicine, there are no queues and no need to come into contact with several people. It’s a great way to keep social distance and avoid crowds, especially when protecting yourself from Covid-19.

Quick collection of medicines

The electronic prescription service expedites and improves the dispensing of medicines.

How do I get started with 24-hour prescription collection?

Sign up with HMI Pharmacy today for a prescription collection service to access a 24-hour prescription collection in Kirkham.

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This blog post was written on behalf of HMI Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.