24 Hour Prescription Collection

For both pharmacists and their patients, the 24-hour collection service known as Pharmaself24 has proved revolutionary. The automated prescription collection system lets you collect your medication whenever it is most convenient for you. You no longer need to stand in queues or visit the pharmacy to see if your medicines are ready. Wondering: “How can I collect my medication at your 24 hour chemist near me in Kirkham?” Keep reading to learn more.

How to use your 24-hour Chemist near me in Kirkham

Our prescription collection service saves you time as well as being handy. Even when the pharmacy is closed, you will be able to pick up your medication when you need it.

When selecting this service, there are five steps to follow;

– Signing up with us is the first step.
– We’ll inform you when your prescription is ready.
– We also send you a private PIN number that you must use in order to pick up the medications.
– At the collection point, you should use the secret PIN to Sign in on the Pharmaself24 touchscreen and collect your medicine.
– Simply pick up the bag of medications at your preferred time using a practical, secure, and fully automated method.

24 Hour Prescription Collection

Can I pick up my prescription after the pharmacy closes or at any 24-hour chemist near me?

Yes. You can pick up your medication whenever it’s convenient for you thanks to our 24-hour prescription collecting service. The machine is outside the pharmacy so yo can access it 24/7, even when we’re closed.

Out-of-hours medicines

There are a few ways to receive an emergency supply quickly, even if you’re away from home or if you run out of medicine outside of your GP surgery’s regular opening hours and need some.

Having a prescription

Try the following methods if you already have a prescription and require the medication right away:

– You can obtain your medication from any pharmacy as long as they have it in stock if your local pharmacy is closed.
– Dial 111 on your mobile or landline to reach NHS 111 for free if you’d like to speak to someone first. The person you speak to can look for a nearby NHS service or an after-hours pharmacy.
– To locate the closest walk-in centre, you can also use the NHS walk-in centre service search. After a consultation, these can occasionally dispense drugs.
– You can phone your doctor’s office if it is urgent. They should have information about their after-hours service on their answering machine. Do not habitually use this service, which your doctor provides on holidays and beyond regular business hours. To find the phone number for your GP office, use the NHS GP service finder.
– Use the service search to discover the closest A&E if it’s an emergency and you’ve tried all of the aforementioned alternatives without success.

24 Hour Prescription Collection

Can I visit any 24-hour chemist near me if I don’t have a prescription?

Our 24hr automated prescription point requires you to have an established repeat prescription to order it from us. In the event that you need it sooner, you can get an emergency supply from a pharmacy without a prescription if you run out of your medication and do not have a prescription with you.

If possible, bring the box for the medication or an old prescription with you.

24 Hour Prescription Collection

What makes the 24-hour chemist near me in Kirkham preferable?

Improved medical treatment

Pharmacy automation enables pharmacists to interact with patients more closely and deliver better treatment.

Simple access to medications

Access to a 24-hour prescription service is simple. If you don’t want to leave the house or interact with people, this service is great because you may pick up your medication at any time.

It’s excellent for avoiding crowds and maintaining social distance. You are no longer concerned about making pointless trips.

Fast collection of medicines

Medicine dispensing is now significantly quicker and more effective. We respect your time.

Free-up pharmacist time

By using this service, we can free up our staff’s time and allocate resources to other worthwhile tasks, including spending more time with patients. Patients can now more easily fit into our timetable as a result.

Reduced contact and no more queues

You no longer waste time queuing in a line because there are no queues. Additionally, there is no contact, so you don’t have to worry about catching a virus like Covid-19.

Get my meds when I need them at a 24-hour chemist near me

You can pick up your medication at whatever time suits you, either day or night.

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This blog post was written on behalf of HMI Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.